Democractic Alliance Discusses Popular Demands in Meeting With SCAF

In a press statement following meeting between chief of staff of the armed forces Sami Anan, a number of political parties, including the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), confirmed that

Mubarak Stubbornly Refuses to Stand Down

Roars of anger rang out of Tahreer Square after Mubarak announced he would not leave until September. Protestors waved their shoes at Mubarak as a carnival-like atmosphere turned to rage.

MB Blamed for Ongoing Trouble in the Region

As Israel and the US come to terms with a post-Mubarak Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is continually under fire. Israel fears that a MB dominated parliament would shut down the

Zewail: Mubarak Must Immediately Step Down and Allow for a Transitional Government

"He should step down tomorrow and allow for a transitional government," Zewail told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday.

50 International Organizations Call on Washington to Halt Aid to Cairo

Fifty international organizations called on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to stop sending aid to Egypt.

Democracy supporters should not fear the Muslim Brotherhood

Like Egyptians from all walks of life, we in the Muslim Brotherhood are taking part in the popular uprising to depose a repressive dictator. The overwhelming majority of Egyptians demand

Public Figures Demand Immediate Investigation into Mubarak’s Ill-Gotten Fortune

Following the scandalous revelation of Mubarak’s fortune, 37 public figures have submitted a complaint to the Attorney General against the President, his two sons, Gamal and Alaa and Suzanne Mubarak

Libyan writer detained following protest call

A Libyan writer and political commentator arrested last week and accused of a driving offence appears to have been targeted for calling for peaceful protests in the country, Amnesty International