Mubarak Used Time of Protests to Relocate Usurped Wealth

Former Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak has been accused of amassing a fortune of about £40 billion.

Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood

All eyes are on Egypt's biggest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood. What are the Brotherhood's goals?

Libyan dictator warns use of Facebook

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today expressed surprise and resentment at the continuation of Libyan dictator resorting to practices that need psychological treatment , the latest of which

Launched website reveals dictators’ scandalous supporters

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today announced the launch of a new website dedicated to publish the names of Egyptian journalists,

Who Owns the Egyptian Revolution?

The Egyptian revolution was spearheaded by the youth, particularly the April 6 Youth Movement which put the wheels into motion years before.

MB’s insight and calls for preliminary steps during upcoming period

In light of the current situation and the progressive incidents the Muslim Brotherhood release this press statement relaying their hopes and offering their insights for the upcoming period.