Egypt’s Court Issues License for Wasat Party

An Egypt court has finally licenced an Islamic party making it the first party to gain official status since Mubarak’s ousting on February 11.

US Intelligence Largely Unaware of Truth about the Muslim Brotherhood

Concerned about a potentially volatile Middle East, the US’s top intelligence officer James Clapper was forced last week to clarify a statement he made about Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Death toll rises as Libyan regime cracks down on protestors

In what has appeared to be a domino effect in the Arab world where shaken regimes across the region are bracing a wave of demonstrations inspired by the ousters of

Security Expert: Fire on Anti-government Protesters Issued by a Presidential Decree

Major General Mansour Eisawy, security expert and former aid to the interior minister, has stressed that a decision to fire on demonstrators was not issued by Habib al-Adli,

Ben Ali dies in Saudi Arabian hospital

According to reports from France 2 the ousted Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has died at a hospital in Jeddah.

Campaigners Pressure G20 to Freeze Mubarak’s Assets

Seventy-eight campaigners maintained they had signed a letter making recommendations to the G20 on each of the 11 points covered by the action plan.