Farouq el-Baz: The Next Egyptian President Should Do Without Security Guards Around Him

Space scientist Farouq El-Baz said that the next president should know that the prosperity of the nation is based on scientific research that secures the people. He must walk in

MB announces establishment of political party: Freedom and Justice

Egypt's largest political opposition the Muslim Brotherhood, has confirmed that it is preparing to establish a political party calling it the Freedom and Justice Party, or Horeya and Adala.

Committee to Amend the Constitution to Announce Agreed Amendments

Egypt's constitutional amendment committee said today that it has almost completed its task to amend a number of controversial articles in the country's Constitution, official MENA news agency reported.

MB Press Release on Cleansing Egypt to Build It on a Sound Footing

Millions gathered Friday in Tahrir Square, Cairo and Alexandria and all Egypt's governorates while rallying crowds cried out Egypt is free, demanding to clean the country from remnants of Mubarak's

Gaddafi’s son: Libya is at a crossroads and everybody wants a piece

In a televised statement on State TV Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader addressed the people stating that the region is experiencing an earthquake, a storm adding that