Activists remain adamant during Tahrir Square rally

One month since the beginning of Egypt’s popular revolution protestors are again out into the square urging Egypt’s military to purge the cabinet of ministers appointed by the ousted Dictator

Ikhwanweb Highlights New Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The Constitutional Amendment Committee met Tuesday with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and handed over a report on proposed amendments to the Constitution on parliamentary and presidential elections

Armed Forces confirms Shafiq’s Gov’t will not Supervise any upcoming elections

Members of the Supreme Council for Armed Forces (SCAF) ascertained that Shafiq’s government will not supervise the upcoming presidential nor parliamentary elections.

EU contemplates Freezing Mubarak’s Assets

A European official stated that the EU is studying the freezing of Mubarak’s assets according to the demands of the Egyptian people and will decide the matter within the next

US Ambassador Scobey accused of Deliberate Killing of Egyptians

Gamal Tag El-Din, Secretary General of the Freedoms Committee at the Journalists Syndicate, submitted a complaint on Thursday accusing Margret Scobey, US Ambassador in Egypt, of facilitating the seizure of