Former Corrupt Interior Minister Faces Charges of Murder, Incitement and Money-Laundering

Prosecution began investigating Egypt’s former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly on charges of killing demonstrators and creating lawlessness during the January 25 revolution.

Abdul Rahman Mansour Mastermind behind Egypt Uprising

Much controversy has risen lately about the mastermind behind Egypt's uprising as Shady Ghazali Harb, member of the January 25 coalition, revealed that activist and journalist Abdel Rahman Mansour is

Complaint to the Attorney General Revealing the Secret Accounts of Mubarak and his Family

Mostafa Bakry, former MP and Editor-in-Chief of Al-Osbo newspaper, submitted a complaint to the Attorney General, Abdel Megid Mahmoud in which he called him to take legal actions to freeze

Activists Launching an E-Campaign for Dissolving the State Security Services

A group of activists launched a campaign on “Facebook” to dissolve the State Security Services called “The National Campaign to Abolish the State Security Services”.

Oldest Ever Egyptian MP: Gamal Abdel Nasser Masterminded Mansheya Incident to Get Rid of Brothers

Egypt's oldest parliamentarian Major Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Rauf said that he resigned from his post as a Major in the Egyptian State Security Service because they oppressed people, confiscated their property and

AECHRIL Calls for Release of Al-Shater, Malik, Suleiman

The Arab-European Center of Human Rights and International Law (AECHRIL) in Oslo calls the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to issue a a decree granting political amnesty to all

State Security’s History of Repression and Torture

Decades of oppression and torture practiced by Security Forces from the successive regimes that ruled over Egypt for more than a hundred years, have competently failed to defend national security

Top prosecutor slams travel ban on Mubarak and family

A much welcome travel ban has been announced by the Egyptian state TV confirming the top prosecutor has banned the ousted Dictator Mubarak and his family from travel abroad in

Egypt and Tunisia Revolutions high on Arab League’s discussion list

Items were placed on the Arab League agenda by secretary general, Amr Mousa and resolutions were passed Monday at the League’s Cairo office confirming that the 135th meeting of the

Mousa confirms his bid for Egypt’s presidency

According to reports by the state-run Middle East News Agency Amr Mousa, Secretary-General of the Arab League has announced his intention to run for president.