Burundi signs accord to share Nile

On Monday Burundi had become the sixth African nation to sign an agreement known as the Nile Basin Initiative calling for countries to share the Nile River.

Tunisia’s El Nahda Movement legalized after 20 year ban

The Tunisian Islamist movement El Nahda, which had been formerly banned under the ousted Dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, has finally been legalized allowing the movement to form a

Will slow and steady win the race?

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has declared that it will form a political party -- it has settled on a name (Freedom and Justice) and asked one of its leaders (Sa`d al-Katatni)

The Muslim Brotherhood is not a threat

All evidences show that the Brotherhood is a much needed impetus for peaceful democratic reform in Egypt. In contrast, the Egyptian government’s relentless oppression of the Brotherhood as well as

Egypt is not Iran: Why the revolution won’t turn Egypt into an Islamist state

There is a palpable fear in the West that the ousting of Hosni Mubarak will undermine regional stability and usher in a governing coalition that has Islamist tendencies.

Al-Shater’s family assembles outside force’s supreme council demanding immediate release

A sit in is scheduled to take place in front of the Armed Forces supreme council demanding the immediate release of MB deputy Chairman Eng. Khairat Al-Shater.

Israel seeks ban on Egypt’s popular MB

In a blatant and clear event of interference in foreign affairs a statement by Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon ascertained that Israel would object the Muslim Brotherhood being part