Order after Disorder

After the disorder of the Revolution and the ultimate fall of Hosni Mubarak, the military sought to restore order as quickly as possible. However, even though this was a reasonable

Unrest in the Wake of the Revolution

Weeks after protestors successfully ousted the Mubarak regime, thousands of Christians and Muslims clashed in Cairo with one Christian man killed and scores wounded.

Changing Education to Conform With Democracy

As Egypt moves through its transition into a free democratic nation, it is now setting to work with the aim of removing about 20 percent of educational material in the

The Brotherhood Has Earned Its Place at the Political Table

With Mubarak now out of the Egyptian political arena, and as the Armed Forces battle to establish a new democratic structure, there is much speculation about whether the Muslim Brotherhood

Saleh: Military Council eyes constitutional amendment on parties

Lawyer Sobhi Saleh, the Muslim Brotherhood member on the panel to amend the constitution, has revealed that there are four laws the committee has modified and sent to the Supreme

Egyptian Preachers intervene to break up sit-in

After a church was partially burned and demolished last Friday in the village of Soul in Atfeeh, Helwan, thousands of residents attended a conference on Wednesday to strengthen solidarity between

Foreign Office minister promotes democracy; meets with Egypt’s MB

Alistair Burt the British foreign office minister for the Middle East is visiting Egypt for a two day visit where he is expected to discuss the direction of the Israeli-Palestinian

The Brotherhood’s Political Authenticity in Jordan

As weeks go by, anti-government rallies in Jordan are attracting more and more protesters and the Muslim Brotherhood is positioning itself to become a leading player among Jordanian lawmakers if