Son of MB founder: The West Should not Fear the MB

Saif Al-Islam Hassan Al-Banna, son of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stated that the MB is a school of moderation and facilitation.

Al-Shater says MB wants Egypt’s Best Interest Only

Khairat Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed that the MB wants the best interest of Egypt only and does not seek any interest for its movement.

Al-Tayyeb Decides Supreme Scholar Committee Elect Al-Azhar Sheikh

The Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar Institute, Dr Ahmad el-Tayeb decided to form a specialized legal committee to begin amending Law 103 of 1961

Dr. El-Erian: Voting No to Amendments makes Egypt Face Unknown Fate

Dr Esam El-Erian, member of the Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau and its media spokesman, has warned that if politicians urge people to vote "no" in the constitutional amendments it would drag

When Should Change Come in Egypt?

A political tug-of-war is taking place as the Muslim Brotherhood and the former ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) support the amendments to the constitution that will be decided in a

Israeli spy Ring Aimed at Conducting Espionage against Egyptian Army

Mossad agents were arrested in Egypt 5 days ago, and the mission was sent to collectdetailed information about the size of the Egyptian armed forces stationed on the streets; its

MB chairman: True victory comes with Patience

Noting that the Revolution’s success is far from over the Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie called on all to defend the People’s Revolution which belonged to all the Egyptians.