Law passed criminalising Protests and demonstrations

A new law has been passed Wednesday, by the Egyptian government deeming all protests and strikes illegal.

US not Afraid of MB Growing Power in the Region

Declaring the Egyptians right to determine their leader, John Kerry, Chairman of the US Senate foreign relations committee, said that the US is not afraid of the MB's growing power

Coptic organizations welcome MB Chairman’s initiative for a dialogue with Coptic youth

Three groups representing Egyptian Christian youth have agreed on the initiative of the Brotherhood Chairman Mohammed Badi, to hold meetings with Coptic activists to clarify MB position on various issues,

Demonstrators call for Mubarak’s investigation

Tens of people have protested in Tahrir Square calling for the official resignation of former President Mubarak, and bringing him to a military trial before all the Egyptian people and

Decision To Accept Corrupt Entrepreneurs Deals To Escape Trial Is a Political Decision for Egyptians

The Arabic Network has issued a statement stressing that accepting money offers from corrupt business men in order to escape trial is a political decision not a legal one.

Interior Ministry set ablaze described as counter-revolutionary

Tuesday witnessed a Fire sweeping the upper floors of Egypt's Interior Ministry building as policemen protested outside to demand higher pay and improved health care.