PM Sharaf agrees to the amendments of the Police Law

The Council of Ministers has agreed in its meeting on Wednesday 29 March 2011 on the of the drafted law of amending some provisions in Law No.

State media editors sacked by Egypt’s gov’t

After state-owned media downplayed the scale of the protests which motivated a series of uprisings across the region Egypt’s army-backed interim government sacked several state newspaper editors and officials on

MB offshoot in Jordan praises Morocco’s reform initiative

Rashid commended the comprehensive reforms which were announced on March 9 including greater independence for the judiciary, enhanced powers for the prime minister, and the separation of powers, which indicated

MB and Socialists Together in the Students’ Elections for the First Time in 16 Years

The “Free Ones in Cairo University” gained a large proportion of the votes in the run-off in the Student Union’s elections.