US academic: MB no threat to democracy in Egypt

"The Muslim Brotherhoodis no threatto democratic development in Egypt,” professor of law at Ohio State University John B. Quigley said, adding he believed the MB will participate, not dominate the

Egypt ready for e-voting in upcoming polls

"Egypt's Ministry of Telecommunicationsis readyto provide electronic balloting in the forthcoming parliamentary, presidential and municipal pollsto help ease the process of democratic change in the country and reduce the chances

El-Arian says national dialogue lacks insight

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Essam El-Erian stated that the national dialogue held last week was not well planned stating he received an invitation only hours before the

MB Chairman Calls on Unity for Egypt’s Renaissance

This week’s messageby Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie concentrated on calling on all Egyptians, men, women, adults, and youths from all religions and creedsto celebrate its potential.