Judge orders freeze on senior ex-officials assets

As investigations continue of former senior officials Egypt's army rulers froze assets belonging to three former henchmen of the deposed Mubarak.

MB female activitists demonstrate what won’t kill you will make you stronger

With the ousting of the dictator Mubarak and the toppling of his tyrannical regime tribute must be given to the daughters, mothers, sisters and wives of members of the Muslim

Egypt: Remnants of NDP Are Still Able To Commit More Crimes The Arabic Network Condemns

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today condemned the attack on the journalist, Ali Said , at Radio and Television magazine by a group of thugs of NDP on

MB leader: National Dialogue Similar to Suleiman’s Pre-25 January Era Dialogue

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Shura Council member Mohamed Gamal Heshmat claimed surprised at the timing of the national dialogue, launched by Deputy Prime Minster Yehia al-Gamal, at the headquarters of the

El-Beltagi: Egypt’s Political Map in the Transitional Period on Track after Constitutional Announcement

Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagy, senior Brotherhood figure and a member of the Youth Coalition, has ascertained that the recently announced interim constitutional declaration is unimpeachable but its details have elicited various

Actions by Salafi Groups Threaten the Revolution’s Greatest Achievements

We call on all factions, non-governmental organizations, armed forces and the government to unite in saving the revolution and defending the spirit of liberty by stopping the actions and holding