Activists prepare blacklist of former SS officers

Activists are currently in the process of preparing a blacklist of officers from the dismantled State Security apparatus who were known to be involved in torturing detainees.

Judge Richard Goldstone alters his verdict

Lawrence Davidson looks at the flawed logic and the tribal, personal and political pressures that may have led Richard Goldstone, the South African Jewish judge who authored the report of

Sawiris open to MB rejects Copt President

Egyptian tycoon Naguib Sawiris says he would have no reservations if a Muslim ‎‎Brotherhood (MB) candidate won the presidential elections as long as ‎certain ‎principles were preserved.

Sources Confirm Former IM Adly Directly Listened in on officials

Sources Confirm Former IM Adly Directly Listened in on Ministers, Governors, MB leaders, the Attorney General and Political Opponents.

MB Chairman: Events of Zamalek Game Were Aimed at the Revolutions of Tunis and Egypt

MB Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie stressed that the football match between Zamalek and the African Tunisian football teams on Saturday, was targeting the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia.

Qaradawi compares MB and Salafists outlook on politics

Following the January 25 People’s revolution the surfacing of Salafi groups who have normally kept away from politics has been witnessed with clear intentions of becoming involved in the political