El-Arian: MB wants a civil state; Egypt will not become another Iran

Essam el-Arian, a leading media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, said the group is calling for a civil, moderate, and democratic state, which guarantees equality, prosperity, justice and freedom for

MB confirms the people and the army are united

As an effort to counter attempts against the revolution’s opposition the Muslim Brotherhood has been strongly involved with other political factions, and youth movements in reviving the revolution’s calls the

Report finds 85% of people approve of Muslim Brotherhood participation in politics

A new social media analysis report has identified a rapidly growing preference for neo-socialist politics among Arabs who are taking part in the region's revolutionary movements.

New Tactics to Protect US Interests in the Middle East

The US 's long-term dream is to have a constant flow of oil from the Middle East and to keep Israel well-protected and make sure that citizens are content enough