Gas export deals to be reviewed by Egypt

Citing the MENA news agency Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has ordered the revision and review of all gas contracts Egypt agreed to with all countries, including Jordan and Israel.

Syrian Revolution News Round-up

As the Assads increase their reliance on local militia and gangs, the potential for a nationwide meltdown increases. Only the protesters’ continued commitment to nonviolence keeps the country together at

US remains silent on Mubarak’s detention

An article in the Arabic Alyoum Alsabaa stated that the US remained notably silent following the detention order of Mubarak a former close and valued ally.

Muslim Brotherhood launches TV Channel

Journalist and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohsen Radhi ensured that Al-Ikhwan channel, that will soon be launched, will represent the Muslim Brotherhood and its moderate thinking, pointing out that it will

MB Rise; to Fear or not to Fear

Following the toppling of Mubarak’s regime analysts and observers have busied themselves creating possible scenarios concerning the Muslim Brotherhood and its rising status in Egypt and the region.