Egyptian Military Mulls Documents Belonging to Dissolved Security Apparatus

Judge Mohamed Shawky Fathi assigned by the Justice Minister in case of storming the headquarters of the secret police throughout the country, has decided Egypt's military should form a committee

Senior Brothers in Qena Warn Against Chaos and Disorder

The Muslim Brotherhood has warned of the dangers of ongoing unrest in Qena, stirred by persistent protests against newly-appointed governor Emad Shehata Michael, saying the Upper Egypt city could see

Reports: 90% of Heads of Local Councils Expected to Be Replaced

In a few hours, Egypt will witness a momentous event in its history when the interim Prime Minister, Essam Sharaf, is expected to issue a decision to replace heads of

Christian Science Monitor: Dismantling NDP deals blow to old power structure

The Christian Science addresses the dismantling of Egypt’s former ruling NDP describing it as yet another step to appease the public and reassure them that the party will not roll

Coptic Intellect: MB Wants Civil State Which Offers Copts their Rights, Freedom and Justice

A campaign to discredit the moderate visions of the MB began in Egypt after the curtailment of the statement made by Dr Mahmoud Ezzat, deputy chairman of the MB on

Lawyers Freedom Committee calls for separation of imprisoned senior officials

The Freedoms Committee in the Lawyers Syndicate submitted a complaint to Attorney General Abdul Magid Mahmoud, in which it demanded the distribution of symbols of the former regime in different

Mubarak’s Sons Questioned in Prison

Deeming it safer prosecutors questioned Alaa and Gamal Mubarak, sons of the deposed Mubarak, inside the Tora prison premises, where they are detained.

MB Welcomes the Dismantling of Former NDP and Liquidation of its Assets

The Muslim Brotherhood welcomes the Supreme Administrative Court's decision to dismantle the former ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), handing itsliquidated assets and properties over to the government.