Mubarak to go to Tora Prison Hospital

Prosecutor General Abdul Magid Mahmoud has called on the Interior Ministry to supervise over the Tora Prison Hospital ward that is to receive the ousted Mubarak after doctors alleged he

MB: Too Early to Decide on Alliance with Wafd Party

Essam Al-Erian, media spokesperson for the Brotherhood, said that it is still too early to decide on an alliance with the Wafd Party.

Top MB figures: MB will accept people’s will, regardless of election’s outcome

Former Muslim Brotherhood MP Sobhi Saleh stated that Egyptians must watch out for counter-revolutionaries.

Syrian Mourners Targeted During Funeral Processions

Massacres in Syria continued following the regimes allegations of dropping the 50 year emergency law and security forces have continued to round up dissidents protesting against the regime.

MB in Mina Organizes National Unity March

Islamic trends led by the MB in Minia distributed a statement titled “A Call From the Heart, For the Ship not to Sink” in an attempt to calm the situation

Al-Shater: MB calls for civil state based on Islamic references

Khairat Al-Shater deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood explained that the group’s main objective is to peacefully establish a civil state based on Islamic references.

MENA issues statement from human rights defenders in the region

As human rights defenders (HRDs) from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, we declare our full solidarity with the courageous human rights defender in Bahrain and elsewhere, Mr.