MB to Participate in National Dialogue But not Egypt Conference

The Muslim Brotherhood has announced its decision to take part in Egypt's National Dialogue. However it stressed it rejects offers to participate in a similar gathering known as the Egypt

Deputy PM: Presidential Powers Will Be Limited, Parliament Will Be Stronger

Egypt's new system of government will limit the president's powers and create a strong, active parliament this statement and more was given by Deputy Prime Minister Yehia al-Gamal.

MB members visit Churches during Easter break

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt visited numerous Churches during the Easter break, and extended warm wishes to the Copts.

Syria: Arab States Should Push for End to Killings

Arab countries should join international efforts to establish an independent international inquiry into the Syrian government's use of lethal force against peaceful protesters, Human Rights Watch said today.

The revenge of 10 children with nails removed

Ten children living in the Syrian city of Daraa were inspired by the Arab Spring and wrote an expression of freedom on walls. They were arrested by the intelligence agency.

MB Overcomes Suspicion in Uncertain Times

After the heightened emotion and success of Egypt 's January 25th Revolution that left the global community standing in awe, many issues are yet to be resolved.

The Struggle for Middle East Democracy

It always seemed as if Arab countries were ‘on the brink.’ It turns out that they were. And those who assured us that Arab autocracies would last for decades, if

MB chairman welcomes Palestinian reconciliation

Welcoming the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood stressed it was high time the Palestinian division end in order to maintain the