MB Calls for the End of Sedition and Protection of Revolution

Over the last two days Imbaba in Cairo has witnessed a spiralling wave of sedition and sectarian strife bearing down on Muslims and Copts alike which resulted in needless deaths,

Islamphobia on the Rise

Two Muslim clerics were ordered off a plane in the US recently as they were traveling to a religious conference. After being cleared by security administration they were subjected to

MB Chairman Celebrates with Labour Movement Activists

Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood will be participating in a celebration scheduled Sunday May 8, to honour a number of labour movement activists both living and departed

MB Leader Praises Role of the Army in Protecting the Revolution

Dr. Safwat Hegazy of the board of trustees of the revolution, praised the role of the Egyptian army in protecting the revolution so far, although a better performance was expected.

MB Opinion: Egypt Gains the Seeds of the Revolution

Egypt is currently witnessing a new phase of the revolution nationally and internationally where finally reconciliation between the Palestinian factions has taken place to end years of division.

MB Chairman Congratulates Palestinian Factions on Reconciliation

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie welcomed on Saturday, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and a delegation of Palestinian trends in the newly-opened MB headquarters in Muqattam.

MB Condemns Violence in Imbaba, Calling to Respect Law

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt vehemently condemns the Saturday Imbaba clashes between Copts and Muslims, which took the lives of 9 and injured over 110, according to early reports.