Friday’s ‘Million Man March’ Calls for National Unity

Calling for a Million Man March members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Youth Revolution Coalition, the National Association for Change, the Socialists Forces Front, and the Board of Trustees of

MB Leader: Protecting Houses of Worship – A Religious and Patriotic Duty

Speaking at a student event senior MB leader Dr. Helmy el Gazar denounced the attack on the densely-populated neighborhood where residents of Cairo ’s poverty-stricken Imbaba neighborhood witnessed unnecessary deadly

Hamas and Fatah Meet in Cairo to Name PM of Unity Government

Dr. Yousef Rezka, the political advisor to Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya, said that the next week meeting in Cairo between Fatah and Hamas would agree on naming a premier for

Human Relief Doctors Denied Entry to Libya

Authorities at Salloum Land Port prevented a number of students from the convoy of the Human Relief Agency in Egypt ’s Doctor’s Syndicate from crossing into Libyan territories, alleging that

Alexandria MB Organizes Conference Supporting Palestine

The Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria is planning a major conference in support of the Palestinian people titled “Together to support Palestinian steadfastness”.

Badie Warns of Falling Prey to Sectarian Strife

Describing the secular strife in Imbaba as designed to suit personal agendas Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie warned the people of the repercussions of falling prey to these efforts.

AlGhad Party Leader: MB Sacrificed the Most to Bring about Reform

In a seminar held in Banha governorate, Dr Ayman Nour, founder of Al-Ghad Party and possible candidate for the presidency elections, warned of granting amnesty to the ousted President Mubarak,