It is a shame for America to be afraid of Islam

Discussing the future Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Dr. Essam el Erian relayed the group’s vision of a new Egypt in an interview with Washington Post senior associate editor Lally Weymouth.

MB Argues Article Two Ensures Equality between Muslims and Copts

The controversial debate continues as Copts voice their fears concerning the continuation of Article 2 of the 1971Egyptian Constitution which was voted on during the referendum.

‘It is a shame for America to be afraid of Islam’

Banned for years under President Hosni Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood now functions openly in Egypt and is expected to win a sizable bloc of seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

‘Free for Syria Organization’ Issues Its First Statement on the Situation in Syria

The Syrian people are being massacred every day amid a media blackout and lack of action from the international community.

Haneyyah lauds Tahrir Square rally

The Palestinian Prime Minister of the Gaza government, Ismail Haneyyah lauded the participant in the rally that took place Friday in the Egyptian capital Cairo in support of the Palestinian

MB Leader: Hear From Us Not About Us

Former Muslim Brotherhood MP and Lawyer Sobhi Saleh met with masses during a seminar titled “Hear from us not about us”.

MB Chairman Welcomed by Crowds in Lebanon

Following the Friday prayers chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Badie spoke to a massive crowd in the Lebanon city of Tripoli.