Mubarak and Sons Referred to Criminal Court

As protestors demands are voiced louder, Egypt's chief prosecutor appeases the nation by referring the former President Hosni Mubarak and his sons to criminal court to be tried on charges

Continuing Crisis in Yemen

President Saleh of Yemen has reneged on a deal to make a dignified exit from power, which has brought the people to the streets in violent protest, coming after months

Muslim Scholars Call For Al Azhar Independence

Hundreds of scholars from Al-Azhar and the Ministry of Endowment have announced the organization of a massive march today afternoon from the area of Abbaseya to the headquarters of the

MB Holds Silent Protest Along Alexandria’s Corniche

Describing the people’s revolution as ‘unfinished’ the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria organized a silent protest along the corniche beginning from noon Tuesday and ending at sunset.

Egyptian Politicians Celebrate Inauguration of New MB Headquarter, Promise Cooperation

National and political powers in Egypt have welcomed and attended the grand opening of the new MB headquarters in Cairo, stressing that this is a new phase in the history

MB Will Defy Any Attempts Against Revolution’s Success

Speaking at a conference organized by the student union in Munufiya's teacher's college, former MB MP and lawyer Sobhy Saleh stated that the Egyptian Revolution which came three years too