US Politicians Continue to Appease Pro-Israel Lobby, Misjudge the Brotherhood

Granger and Lowey are not the only American politicians who voice skepticism – or even a degree of animosity – towards Egypt after the fall of Mubarak.

MB Confirms Will Not Participate in May 27, Protest

Observing calls for a second revolutionary march on May 27, the Muslim Brotherhood is viewing with great concern the events.

Mubarak Accused of Accumulating Wealth in Arms Deals

According to judicial sources the ousted President Hosny Mubarak will be questioned over wealth acquired through arms deals by a military prosecutor.

MB Lawyer Denounces False Reporting by Some Journalists

Former MB MP Sobhi Saleh criticized the attempts made by remnants loyal to the former regime to spoil the successes of the revolution.

ANHRI Appeals to Moroccan Authorities to Cease the Blocking and Ban Policy

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information has condemned today the decision taken by the Moroccan authorities to stop for the second week consecutively the broadcast of the cultural “Masharif”

National Dialogue attendees Disappointed

Saad al-Husseini, from the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau, stated that although the group participated in the National Dialogue which spanned over a few days the conference was slightly disappointing.

Bahrain Authorities Declare War on Media in All its Forms

ANHRI has condemned today the Bahraini authorities for blocking the access to the dependent Al-Qudus Al-Arabi newspaper website on Monday 23th May 2011 in Bahrain.