Egyptian-origin Pakistani student found mysteriously missing in Islamabad

Defence of Human Rights held a press conference on 27th May 2011 04:00 PM in National Press Club Islamabad.

In a Rare Interview With State TV, Badie Praises Integrity of Egyptian Armed Forces

In a rare interview with the official Egyptian media, Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, was interviewed on Egyptian television broadcasted on Sunday evening. He discussed a number

MB Leader: We Will Sacrifice our Souls to Defend our Coptic Brethren in Their Places

Dr. Mohamed Al-Beltagy from the MB and member of the Revolution’s Board of Trustees, attacked the national and private press in the first conference for the MB in the Shobra

SCAF Confirms Elections Will Be Held as Planned

Insisting on ending the transitional period and handing over power Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces SCAF has confirmed that elections will be run as scheduled. It stressed they