The MB’s Opinion – Points of Agreement

Egypt has been going through a transformational period since January 25th. On Friday, May 27th events took place in Tahrir Square and other squares around the country.

MB Chairman: Democracy Means Respecting the Will of the Majority

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie called on Egypt’s political forces to respect the values of democracy which stipulates one should respect the opinion of the majority.

Activists Remember Khaled Saeed

Considered a catalyst of Egypt’s Revolution Khaled Saeed a torture victim of Egypt’s formed interior ministry will be remembered as Egyptian activists plan anti-torture protests next week in his commemoration.

Jordanian MB Forms Political Alliance to Fight Corruption

Disregarding ideological differences, Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front and leftist parties formed a National Reform Front to combat corruption.

Dr. El Bar on Anti-MB Propaganda: Ballot Box Will Be the Deciding Factor

Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr. Abdul Rahman el Bar described Islam as a religion which did not discriminate with its principles of tolerance and understanding.