American Investors: We Have No Fear of the Muslim Brotherhood

Head of the American Egyptian Business Council, Steve Farris, stressed that American investors have no fear of the Muslim Brotherhood in particular; as the issue that is most important is

The Army Has Accommodated the Wrath on the Streets

Findings of the first public opinion poll run by the American Democratic Republican Institute (DRI) in Egypt, revealed that the vast majority of Egyptians were optimistic after the success of

Coptic FJP Vice President Describes Relations with MB

Coptic writer, intellectual and professor, Dr. Rafiq Habib was nominated to serve as the vice president of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) representing the Muslim Brotherhood. In a recent

Statement By the Int’l Union of Muslim Scholars Concerning Events in Syria

The International Union of Muslim Scholars called for the cessation of the killing of the Syrian people, and starting a genuine response to the legitimate demands for freedom, dignity and

FJP Rejects Banning Former NDP Members from Politics

Describing political participation as significant in paving the way for democracy Dr. Essam el Erian from the Muslim Brotherhood and Vice President of the Freedom and Justice Party opposed calls

Egypt Opposition Praises FJP Commitment to Democractic Principles

Egyptian partisan figures welcomed the establishment of the MB’s “Freedom and Justice Party” (FJP) as an important addition to the political and partisan life in Egypt.