FJP Chairman Meets With EU Delegation, Expresses Confidence in Egypt’s Economy

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Chairman of "Freedom and Justice" Party, received on Saturday, July 9, a delegation from the European Union that consisted of: Martin Schulz, Vice President of the

Morsi Discusses FJP Structure With Turkish Academics

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Chairman of Freedom and Justice Party, met Saturday mornig, July 9th, with a Turkish delegation comprising a number of researchers and thinkers to discuss ways to

The Revolution in Syria, the Syrian Army and the Model of the Arab Revolutions

Despite the absence of any prospects for reform in Syria, and the Syrian regime's resort to a policy of brutal repression, the pace of the mass movement has escalated in

Future of the Muslim Brotherhood Debated

There has been a lot of talk lately that within the MB there have been disagreements and a split of generations, as well as the emergence of numerous writings about

Badei Calls For National Unity to Protect Revolution

Dr. Mohamed Badei, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, called on the Egyptian people to protect their blessed revolution against those who are trying to hijack it away from its values

MB Movies, Emphasis on Morals and Fighting Corruption

With restrictions limited after the ousting of the corrupt Mubarak and his regime, the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to portray ethical messages through films.

Desperation Replaces Hope as Egyptians Struggle to Fulfill Revolution Demands

Less than six months after the January 25th Revolution – ample time to start the wheels of justice turning, and the transition to civil rule – Egyptians are still waiting