FJP Chairman: Partnership With Europe is Crucial

In his meeting with European officials Tuesday at the party's headquarters in Cairo, Mohamed Morsi, chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stressed the importance of partnership with Europe

FJP, National Forces Agree On Constitutional Assembly Principles

The Democratic Alliance for Egypt, including Freedom and Justice Party, agreed Wednesday that the Constitutional Assembly selected by the upcoming parliament should represent all Egyptians, and not only the party

MB, Higher Moral Stand in Movie and TV Industry

The Muslim Brotherhood's commitment to an ethical and moral individual and society is significant, as the amount of gun-related, sex-related and violent crime escalate . There is a noticeable link

El Erian Urges EP Delegation to Encourage European Tourists to Visit Egypt

During a meeting with delegation of Polish members in European Parliament (EP) , Dr. Essam el-Erian, Vice President of the Freedom and Justic Party (FJP), expressed his hope Europe will