The State of Israel, State of Turmoil

With revolutions rocking the Middle East and people rising up against tyranny and dictators, Israel is no different as 120,000 Israelis – including Israeli Arabs - have been gathering and

Ongoing Right-Wing Extremist Activity in Europe

Themassacre that took place in Norway on July 22 is an indication of a rising extremist political movement in Europe. While Anders Behring Breivik was planning the mass murder that

Cairo Center for Development Holds Second Workshop on Political Education

Cairo Center for Development has held the second training workshop on political education for parties' youth in 30-29 July 2011.The training targeted parties' youth in Al Fayoum.

MB & FJP Considering Million-Man Demonstration in Solidarity With Syrian People

Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagui, Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Cairo, confirmed that the Syrian Baathist regime is re-committing its same crimes against the defenseless people of

FJP Condemns Arab and International Silence on Massacres by Syrian Regime

Slamming the massive military operation underway in Syria, Dr. Gamal Heshmat a leader with the Freedom and Justice Party, criticised Syria’s President Bashar and his methods in crushing the seeds