Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Palestinian Factions to Unite

In its weekly statement, the Muslim Brotherhood called on all Palestinian factions to put aside differences and put their country’s well-being and interests above all else.

Bishry: Supra-Constitutional Principles Illegitimate

Rejecting statements by Deputy Prime Minister Ali Al-Selmy about the issuance of supra-constitutional principles, ChancellorTarek el Bishry described them as illegitimate.

Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Iran to End Its Support of Syrian Regime

The Muslim Brotherhood called on Iran to end its support of the current Syrian government in the wake of violent clashes that have erupted since mid-March which left nearly 2000

Muslim Brotherhood, Political Party Reach Out To Egyptians In Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is witnessing extensive community outreach activities by both the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party, which include much more than the group's Ramadan banquets.

FJP Warns of Widspread Protests If Supra-Constitutional Articles Imposed

Dr. Mohamed Saad Alkatatney, Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), demanded that the will of the Egyptian people expressed clearly in the March 19 referendum must be

FJP Demands Swift Actions to Save Somalia

In a statement Wednesday, the Freedom and Justice Party ( FJP) called upon the Arab League, the Organization of "Islamic Cooperation", and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization "FAO"

Security Official Praises MB Efforts to End Sectarian Strife in Minya

General Mamdouh Maqlad Chief of Security in Minya, praised the efforts by the Muslim Brotherhood to maintain peace and order and contain the sectarian strife which took place between the