FJP Rejects Military Trials for Civilians, Calls for Dialogue

Describing the upcoming period as crucial, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) stressed that wisdom, understanding and knowledge is essential for the secure transition of power.

Muslim Brotherhood Slams Military Trials For Civilians

In a statement Tuesday, Deputy Chairman of MB Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat said that military trials do not guarantee full justice for the defendants, adding that Muslim Brothers were among the

Newly Formed Egyptian Bloc to Compete in Elections, FJP Welcomes

14 movements, political parties, a Sufi party, and labor and labor unions announced the formation of "The Egyptian Bloc" to coordinate their political, electoral and parliamentary activities. This announcement was

FJP Endorses Constitutional Principles of Freedom, Human Rights

Dr. Mohammed Morsi, chairman of The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stated that Egypt does not need a new constitutional declaration nor governing principals for the constitution, stressing that the

Democratic Alliance For Egypt Says It Targets Parliamentary Majority

The Democratic Alliance for Egypt that consists of 34 political parties from across the political spectrum issued a statement Tuesday discussing its stance on the basic principles of the constitution