Katatny Urges Businessmen to Invest in Egypt

Freedom and Justice Party, (FJP) Secretary General Dr. Saad Katatny, called on businessman in the region and worldwide to begin investing in Egypt and help rebuild and develop it after

Anglican Church to Discuss Political Platform with FJP

In a bid to encourage dialogue, cooperation and integration with the whole community, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and its Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), have agreed to join a meeting

Human rights irony for the US and Arab world

Since September 11th, the United States and the Arab world have traveled a treacherous road together. Where they have arrived after ten years sets them apart. In the US, the

Egypt Rights Groups Accuse SCAF of Deliberate Smear Campaign

In a press conference Wednesday sponsored by 36 Egyptian human rights organizations at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, the NGO's announced their condemnation of the "very fierce campaign"

MB Says Assaults on Political Figures Have Dangerous Indications

The Muslim Brotherhood denounced the frequent violent assaults on its political figures, saying it has "dangerous indications" and must be investigated by concerned authorities.

Another FJP Leader Assaulted by Strangers

Dr. Ahmed Abu Barakah, legal adviser to the Freedom and Justice Party, was assaulted and dragged in the street near the Interior Ministry in central Cairo by a number of