Turkey’s New Ascendancy to the World Leadership

The global balance of power is changing; and not just in ways commonly covered by the media.

Three Big Challenges Threatening the Arab Uprisings

With the fall of Muammar Qaddafi’s headquarters in Bab Al-Aziziyyah in Tripoli on August 23, Libya became the third country to oust its long-serving dictator after the fall of Tunisia’s

Egyptian Youth Launch Facebook Page To Expose Remnants of Mubarak Regime

A group of Egyptian revolutionary youth launched a page on the social networking site Facebook called “Emsek folool”, or “Chase the Former Regime Remnants,” with the goal of exposing remnants

Demands for Al Azhar to Conduct Elections for All Posts

Dr. Abdul Basset Al-Thaher organizer for the “Azhar University Teachers Reform club” called on Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb to set up a committee head by the Azhar University’s president Dr. Ossama

FJP Discusses Electoral System in Meeting Between SCAF and Parties

A high-level meeting was held Sunday between Egypt’s Chief of Staff Sami Anan, and representatives of different political groups and official parties to discuss the details concerning Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary