Katatni: Democratic Alliance Eyes Coalition Government

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni stressed that the Democratic Alliance for Egypt (DAE) is the only coalition that began and ended big, and was coherent throughout all stages. It started as

Statement by the Democratic Alliance on the Parliamentary Elections

The aim of the Democratic Alliance was to achieve wide political consensus on a work program for the next phase in Egypt, and to deepen the consensus among political parties

Down with Mubarak, Long Live Mubarakism?

CAIRO – "Yasqot, yasqot hokem el a'skar!" shout protesters marching down Talat Harb Street in central Cairo. "Down, down with military rule." It is a stifling September evening and the

Muslim Brotherhood: SCAF’s Nondemocratic Measures Must Be Withheld

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) expressed disappointment with the numerous nondemocratic measures taken lately by the interim ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) without prior consent of the people