“Mohamed and Mina”, Duette That Became Symbol of Egyptian Revolution

'Mohamed and Mina: Why is the Revolution sweet and beautiful when you're with me ..'' is a song that the Egyptian Mina Daniel sang in a timeless night of Egyptian

MB Chairman Meets Sudan’s VP

A delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) which included Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie, Deputy Chairman Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat and Secretary

Egypt’s Democratic Alliance Recognizes Syrian National Council As Representative of Syrian People

In a meeting at the headquarters of al Wafd Party, representatives of 40 Egyptian parties and political movements forming the Democratic Alliance for Egypt, endorsed the newly formed Syrian National

Rafiq Rules Out Copts Planned Violent Clashes With Military

Coptic thinker, Dr. Rafiq Habib, vice-president of the Freedom and Justice Party (political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood), ruled out possibility that there were amongst Copts some who deliberately pushed

FJP Praises Palestinian Prisoners Deal

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Secretary-General of the Freedom and Justice Party, praised Egypt’s role in the completion of a deal to release Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the Zionist soldier