MB Lawyers Condemn Decision Postponing Syndicate’s Elections

The Lawyers Syndicate's Islamic General Assembly criticized the administrative court's decision to suspend the Syndicate's elections indefinitely asserting that it could lead to its falling under judicial guardianship.

Young MB Journalists Protest Decision to Postpone Syndicate’s Elections

Muslim Brotherhood (MB), journalist Mohamed Abdul Quddus and candidate for the Journalist Syndicate elections voiced his frustration along with many other journalists following the announcement by Makram Mohamed the former

Ghozlan: MB Victories in Union Elections Sign of Public Trust

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood, confirmed that the latest victories of MB candidates in union elections, whether teachers, doctors or pharmacists – and all are important

Muslim Brotherhood Wins Egyptian Doctors’ Union Elections Majority

From Egypt’s pharmacists elections to Egyptian doctors’ elections, the prevailing results is a comprehensive and conclusive win for the Muslim Brotherhood’s "Doctors For Egypt" (DFE) list which ran against "Doctors’

FJP Offers Condolences to Maspero Victims at Suez Church

Ahmed Mahmoud, leader of the Freedom and Justice Party in Suez, visited the Church of the Virgin (Suez), at the head of a delegation of political parties and national forces,