HRW Urges Egypt not to Cover Up Military Killing of Copt Protesters

The Egyptian military’s intention to control the investigation of the use of force against unarmed Coptic Christian demonstrators during a night of clashes on October 9, 2011, raises fears of

Western Fear of the ‘Islamist Other’,

An analysis of the role of ‘Islamic political parties’ or ‘Islamists’ in the democratic transition sweeping the Arab World, and a questioning of the West’s response to this, by Anas

Sayed Darwish: Muslim Brotherhood Encourages Art and Creativity

This article is about the Muslim Brotherhood’s modern producer, director and writer Sayed Darwish (MB’s Art Committee official), not the famous Egyptian composer – although MB’s Darwish is honoured to

Hafsa Shoman, Youngest FJP Candidate, Vows to Defend Women Rights

Hafsa Atef Shoman is not a day over twenty-five. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English language and literature. The Freedom and Justice party (FJP) in Beheira governorate