Muslim Brotherhood party addresses the poor in first popular conference – Politics – Egypt –

The Freedom and Justice Party has introduced itself to the people in its first popular conference held in Cairo.

Statement by Ennahdha Party on Sidi Bouzid Events

We stand with the people of this region which had a pioneering role in igniting the flame of the revolution of 17 December 2010, against the defamatory campaigns on social

Brotherhood Journalists Concede Defeat in Syndicate Elections

The first elections of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate after the Revolution saw Mamdouh Al-Wali, a Muslim Brotherhood ally, winning the chairman’s seat against competition from the left-wing Yehia Qalash after

Islam Hussein: Role of Religion in Liberal Society

*I would first like to thank the editors at Ikhwanweb for giving a liberal, not belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, the opportunity to express a liberal view on an issue