Youth Group Announces Names of Candidates Belonging to Mubarak Regime on Lists of Leading Egyptian

"The Popular Front Against Remnants of Mubarak Regime" announced the names of 17 individuals which it described as "NDP remnants" who will be running for elections representing different parties, including

Egypt’s Democracy: Between the Military, Islamists, and Illiberal Democrats

Egypt faces three major and related political challenges to a successful democratic transition: the role the military is playing and will continue to play; the presence of powerful Islamic forces,

Commentary: Bribe and Prejudice: Ed Husain Gets It Wrong Again

Commenting on the Muslim Brotherhood's charitable activities during the Muslim feast of Eid Al-Adha, Ed Husain argues in his latest article for the Council on Foreign Relations that the MB's

Popular March for FJP in Abdine Area

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) organized a march in Abdene area, Cairo, to congratulate the residents with Eid Al Adha. The march was led by candidates of FJP and

Beltagy: We Support Egyptian Expats Voting and Full Review of Egyptian Embassies

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Executive Office of the "Freedom and Justice" party (FJP), said that: “Enabling Egyptians abroad to vote was one of the most important seven demands

Yassin: FJP Will not Pay Attention to War of Rumours, Real Battle is with Remnants

The war of rumours and flying accusations aimed at the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Egypt started like an organized campaign. The latest of these rumours is a claim,