Coptic Delegations From Church in Assuit Visit MB in Quseya

On the occasion of the Muslim feast Eid Al-Adha, a delegation from the Evangelical Church in Mier village, Mahraq Monestery and many Copts in Assuit city visited Mahmoud Helmy, member

MB Professors Against Military Trials for Civilians

Muslim Brotherhood professors in the "Academics for Reform" movement emphasized that it is imperative that the military ends its military trials for political activists and civilians. It stated in a

FJP Blames Excessive Use of Police Force for Escalating Violence

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) regreted the disturbing events unfolding in Tahrir Square, Alexandria and Suez and condemned the aggressive force used by the riot police, which is reminiscent

MB Holds SCAF Responsible for Violence, Threatens People Can Revolt Again

On Saturday, 19th of November 2011, Central Security Forces brutally attacked young demonstrators occupying Tahrir Square including wounded victims of the January 25 Revolution.

MB Calls on Libyan Factions to Unite and Draft Modern Constituti?on

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) expressed its pleasure at the announcement made by Libya that it has been completely liberated after decades under an oppressive and criminal rule.

Following Gaddafi’s Demise, MB Warns Arab Dictators: People Always Prevail

Following the news of Libyan leader Gaddafi’s death, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), congratulated to the Libyan people for winning their freedom from the criminal and the oppressive regime, calling on