Beltagy: FJP Seeking to Form National Coalition, Not MB or Islamist Majority

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, from the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP) Executive Bureau in Cairoasserted, that the party desires a cohesive national coalition rather than a Muslim Brotherhood (MB), or Islamist

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Legislative Elections, First Phase Results

We faithfully and humbly turn to God and heartily thank Him for the blessing of freedom that the Egyptian people now live and breathe. We pray that He pours out

FJP 2011 Program on Religious Leadership

Religion has the greatest impact in the lives of nations and peoples of the world. The Egyptian people are amongst the oldest and most devoted to their religion. They also

FJP 2011 Program on Political Leadership

Egypt has traditionally played a central, strategic role and a significant cultural and historical weight, regionally and internationally.

FJP 2011 Program on Urban Development

Developing innovative models for the design and construction of low-cost, environment-friendly housing, facilities and utilities which rely on local building materials and new technologies.

FJP 2011 Program on Productivity Development

This program’s productive development strategy depends on the combined efforts of the state and the private sector in a balanced implementation of the projects: the highest priority and the slowest

FJP 2011 Program on Human Development

A nation’s progress is measured by its achievements in the field of human development, in building human capacities. Our election program gives particular priority to this issue. We endeavour to

FJP 2011 Program on Economic Development

Economic development depends on the following basis: - Realisation of the Legal State (or Rule of Law), creating a climate of legislative requirements of economic reform.

FJP Program on Cultural and Media Leadership, 2011

Culture of a society is based on its moral identity, to which the people belong. Islamic culture is the main factor in shaping the human mind and conscience in Egypt,

FJP Program on Tourism and Civil Aviation, 2011

Protect tourist areas in Ancient Egyptian cities, and along the coasts of the Mediterranean and Red seas.