Political Activist Wael Ghonim: Fear of Islamists Coming to Power ‘Exaggerated’

Political activist, Wael Ghonim, described the fear of Islamists coming to power as ‘exaggerated’. The real significance lies not in which party reaches parliament, Ghonim said, but its performance once

FJP Press Release No. (13), Runoff Starts

Today, Monday 5/Dec/2011, runoff voting for the first phase of the People’s Assembly elections 2011 started. Engaged in this round are 47 candidates from the Freedom and Justice party (FJP).

FJP Press Release No. (12) – Run-Off Voting

Tomorrow, Monday 5/Dec/2011 runoff voting for the first phase of parliamentary elections 2011 begins. This round gets underway in the shadow of certain challenges where some people are betting that