FJP Press Release No. (20), 2nd Phase, Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections 2011-2012

The Egyptian people continued turning out in huge numbers to vote in the first day of the second phase of legislative elections, 2011-2012. This tremendous turnout is hailed as a

Why Islamists Are Better Democrats

If the Arab Spring was seeded by a liberal insurrection, the Arab Fall has brought a rich harvest for Political Islam. In election after election, parties that embrace various shades

FJP Press Release No. (19), Second Phase Starts

At eight o'clock, this morning, the second phase of the Egyptian parliamentary elections began. Right from the earliest start, this stage is marked with a huge turnout.

FJP Press Release No. (18) FJP Final Candidate List, 2nd Phase

The second phase of the Egyptian People’s Assembly elections 2011-2012 begins on Wednesday. The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) will run this phase with 169 candidates, including 49 for the

Full English Translation of Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s Interview on Dream TV with Wael Ibrashi

Dream TV aired (Fri 2 Dec) an interview conducted by presenter Wael Ibrashi with Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in which he touched on