Independence of Judiciary Leader: New Parliament Structure Supports our Demands

Hisham Geneina, Cairo Appeals Court President and a leader of the movement ‘Independence of the Judiciary in Egypt’, said that he has great confidence in the composition of the new

FJP Attends Stock Market Opening Session

Adel Hamid, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Member of Parliament, on behalf of the party, attended the opening session of the Egyptian Stock Exchange trading on Monday together with Tariq

New Tunisian Minister Of Interior Spent 15 Years in State Security Prison for Muslim Brotherhood

Tunisian Interior Minister Ali Al-Areed was born in Madanin city in the south of Tunisia. He first graduated as an engineer from the commercial navy school on the coast of

Muslim Brotherhood denies Syria bombing claim

Syria's Muslim Brotherhood on Saturday denied an Internet claim of responsibility that it was behind suicide bombings in Damascus, saying the claim was posted on a fake website created by

Coptic Christian Severely Injured as he Tried to Rescue Veiled “Tahrir Woman” from Military Police

Ehab Hanna, a Coptic Christian who was shot in the leg during the latest deadly clashes near the Cabinet building in Cairo gave his witnessed testimony while he lay in

FJP and MB Delegation Visits Catholic Church in Hurghada, Extends Christmas Wishes

A delegation representing the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Red Sea governorate visited the Catholic Church in Hurghada to wish the Christians there a

FJP Delegation Visits Church in Zeitoun Disctirict

A delegation from the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) extended warm wishes for Christmas, during its visit to the Catholic Copt Church in Zeitoun district in Cairo Saturday.