Katatni Hails 2013 Year of Institution-Building, Modern Democratic Egypt Transformation

Despite all difficulties and challenges, Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni expresses hope 2013 will witness concrete steps on the road of genuine democratization, taking Egypt safely to shores of

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Egyptian Church Bombing in Libya

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, condemns the bombing of the Coptic church in Misrata – Libya and calls for quick action to arrest and prosecute

Ashri: We Did Not Propose Demonstration and Protest Law Amendment

Freedom and Justice Party leaders assure commitment to international standards in discussions of any law on citizens’ rights to demonstrate and protest.

Freedom and Justice Party: President’s Speech Reveals Specter of Economic Collapse Lie

FJP leaders and Former Presidential Candidates affirm that Egyptian President Morsi’s latest speech does a lot to dispel media myths and baseless statements by certain political figures about the ‘imminent

Opinion Leaders: National Dialogue Sessions Aid Presidential Bid for Consensus, Democracy

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi persistently seeks open and genuine national dialogue, with full participation of the widest spectrum of political forces, groups and movements.

Karioni: Egypt Doctors’ Union Denounces Detention of Egyptian Doctors by Emirati Authorities

Egyptian Medical Syndicate’s Liberties Committee head condemns unjustified arrest of three Egyptian doctors by Emirati authorities, adding that the Syndicate will not accept such violation of Egyptians’ rights.

President: Those Who Claim Egyptian Economy is on Brink of Bankruptcy are Politically Bankrupt

With Egypt’s Foreign Reserves rising by US$1 billion in three months, to reach a current US$15.5 billion, President Morsi refutes fear-mongering claims that seek to scare people of economic situation.

United Arab Emirates Detains Three Egyptian Doctors Without Charges

Egyptian medical association calls on Foreign Ministry to quickly intervene to effect the release of three Egyptian doctors who have been arrested and their computers confiscated by Emirati authorities.

Ashri: Freedom and Justice Party Persistently Calls for National Dialogue More Than Three Times

FJP leader Mukhtar Ashri asserts that the party does not have anything to do with the formal complaint against the opposition figures accusing them of an illegitimate plot to overthrow

Erian: Qandil Government Formed in Difficult Circumstances; Needs Reshuffle

Freedom and Justice Party leader Erian affirms that current Prime Minister Hisham Qandil’s government requires urgent reshuffle in compliance with Egypt’s newly-approved national charter.