FJP National Committee Urges Newly Elected MPs to Live Up to Their Promises

The National Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) extended sincere thanks, gratitude and appreciation to the Egyptian people, who moved positively with full force and actively participated in

MB Lawyers Concerned Over Court’s Decision to Dismiss Key Prosecutor’s Witnesses in Mubarak’s Case

Head of the Revolution victims' defense team and Muslim Brotherhood (MB) lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud, stated that the decision made in Mubarak and his cronies' case was an unexpected

Esposito, Al-Ahram: The Real Questions for Egypt

In an interview with Ezzat Ibrahim, John L. Esposito*, a leading American scholar of Islamic affairs, examines the aftermath of the upheavals of the Arab Spring and the rise of

Basem Sabry-Egypt’s Liberals and the Elections- Ahram

While it is important to understand what advantages Islamists had in the elections, it is also important to understand where liberal and secular forces failed