FJP: Advisory Council Limited to Aiding SCAF, Will Not Override Elected Parliament

With the imminent end of the third phase of the Egyptian People’s Assembly elections, which highlighted the confidence accorded by the masses to the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), we

MB Head Lawyer: Mubarak Guilty, Deserves Most Severe Penalty

Mohamed Tosson, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) head lawyer, the Secretary General of the Bar Association, and the lawyer representing Martyrs and Victims of the Revolution, affirmed that all the evidence confirms

After Years of Marginalisation, Veiled Female Anchors Allowed to Appear on State TV

For the first time in history following a grueling court case, a verdict allowed that female television hosts and anchors working on Egypt's state TV have the right to wear

FJP Female MP Says Will Represent Entire Community, not just Women

FJP online interviewed Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) newly elected MP in Daqahleya Seham Al-Gamal, previously a candidate in the 2010 parliamentary election in the women's quota, where she fell

Statement issued by the Arab Ministerial Committee Concerned with the Situation in Syria

The Arab Ministerial Committee Concerned with the Situation in Syria held a meeting at the ministerial level dated January 8, 2012 in Cairo, headed by Sheikh Hamad Bin Jasim Bin

FJP Chairman: Clear Vision for Comprehensive Tourism Development

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), reasserted that the party has a complete vision for comprehensive tourism development that needs political, security and economic support

Condemning Anti-Jewish Slogans, Ennahdha “Jews in Tunisia are full citizens with equal rights and duties”

At the reception of Mr Ismail Haniyeh at Tunis-Carthage Airport on Thursday 5 January 2011, a handful of individuals among the hundreds of people welcoming Mr Haniyeh raised some anti-Jewish