FJP Executive Office Accepts Katatni Resignation From Secretary-General Post

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stated that the party’s Executive Office accepted – during a meeting today – the request made by Dr. Mohamed

Final Results of People’s Assembly Elections, FJP Press Release #54

The High Judicial Elections Commission (HJEC) has announced the final results for the Egyptian People’s Assembly elections, which lasted 55 days and witnessed outstanding, positive participation by the Egyptian people,

Mahmoud Ghozlan: Egypt One Year After the Revolution, What Have We Achieved?

Revolutions are infrequent events in the history of nations. Nevertheless, they are big events in their effects. They often turn the tide in whole countries, radically changing governments, destroying old

MB Chairman: Parliament Should Oversee Military Budget

During an interview with TV presenter Wael Ibrashi, in ‘Al-Haqiqa’ (The Truth) program, on ‘Dream 2’ satellite channel, Friday evening, Dr. Mohamed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), said

FJP MPs Draw up Features of National Economy Rejuvenation

Freedom and Justice Party MPs reaffirmed that the party’s priorities, with respect to the economy, is the elimination of financial corruption, providing job opportunities for the unemployed, economic development, solving