After The Revolution: Egypt Pursues Japan, Learns Lessons of Its Renaissance, Inspires It With Revolution

I visited Japan, almost a year after the tsunami, and after experiencing the Egyptian revolution – right from its inception, and until the moment that marked the passage of one

Abdel-Hafiz Al-Sawi, No Stock-Exchange Tax

Abd Al-Hafiz Al-Sawi, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s economic team, denied rumors about the FJP leaning towards imposing taxes on stock market during in the near future, asserting that

Witnesses: Muslim Brotherhood Youth Attacked With Tasers, Stones Outside Parliament Building

A number of young Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members who were involved in the protection of the Egyptian parliament against attempts by group of protestors to break in affirm that they

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman to French Delegation: I Hope Falsehood of Islamophobia Ends Forever

Dr. Mohammad Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), received in his office Tuesday afternoon, Hervé Gaymard, France’s former Finance Minister and president of the French National Assembly’s Egyptian-French Friendship